A challenging context A challenging context

A challenging context

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To say that Burundi is not doing well is a serious understatement. The country is politically unstable and constantly under threat of civil unrest and political violence. The economy in a very bad state. Since a few years, the economy is in recession, the country faces constant lack of foreign capital, cannot attract any investment and is facing a constantly eroding currency rate. The result is staggering social hardship. 65% lives under the poverty line, 50% of the population faces constant food insecurity and the country ranks n° 180 out of 186 on the human development index. In short, Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the prospect for improvement is not imminent.

 In such environment, it is obvious that the Burundese employers’ organisation, the Association des Employeurs Burundais (AEB), needs assistance to ensure its continuity, or even its survival. DECP has been offering such help since a few years, under the form of support for basic equipment for the organisation, and sponsoring of members communication and some activities. Now that the security situation allows some travel, the DECP country manager, paid a short visit to discuss in more detail the continuation of the support for activities, and also to discuss further development strategies of the organisation. AEB is still very active in social dialogue, and is also interested in influencing skills policies at national level.

 DECP and AEB will now formulate a workplan for 2018-2019, which will ensure that AEB can continue to play its role as employers’ voice for the Burundese business communities.