CNPM develops communication tools CNPM develops communication tools

CNPM develops communication tools

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Mid-February a DECP delegation undertook a mission to the Moldavian partner organisation CNPM. The main objective was to explore in detail the needs for communication of CNPM and propose concrete measures to advance in internal member communication.

In-depth discussions took place with the complete staff of CNPM. They all recognized the importance of continues communication flows with their member. Not only to convince them of being member of an Employers’ Organisation which offers added value, but to attract new members as well. In 2016 CNPM published a very professional and attractive leaflet describing the most important achievements over the 20 years of their existence. The DECP delegation had the opportunity to discuss the CNPM communication policy with 7 representatives of member sector organisations.

The conclusion with regard to this issue was that CNPM could benefit of a professional setup of a Newsletter which should be published and distributed on a regular base. DECP will support CNPM during this calendar year in hiring a professional communication specialist to accelerate the development and implementation of this Newsletter. Once the process is on-going the CNPM staff will be trained to take over this responsibility.