DECP meets and trains Pakistan Employers Federation

DECP meets and trains Pakistan Employers Federation

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From May 16–20, 2011 the board members of the Pakistan Employers Federation (EFP) were invited to the Training Centre of ILO in Turin by ITC-ILO and DECP. During these five days the 13 delegates from Pakistan discussed with ITC/ILO and DECP the economic situation of Pakistan and ways and means to strengthen the private sector in the country and its representative organisation EFP.

Special attention was given to: methods of lobbying, development of services, communication, governance, and strategic planning.

At the end of the week the board members made a priority and action plan for the further development of EFP for the coming years. It was agreed that ITC, DECP and EFP will try to meet again next year to monitor progress and discuss at that time further possible actions which could be helpful to enforce EFP.

The EFP delegation was led by their President, Mr. Mohammed Javed. From ILO side the activity manager Arnout de Koster of ITC/ILO was responsible for their input and the input of his assistants, with the support of Mr. Gotabaya Dasanayaka from the ILO regional office in New Delhi.

Jan Karel Bout participated on behalf of DECP.