DECP's new country manager meets the EAEO DECP's new country manager meets the EAEO

DECP's new country manager meets the EAEO

Arnout de Koster Country manager View profile

The East African Employers Organisation ( EAEO) has been established a few years ago with strong DECP support. It comprises  the employers organisations of the East African union member states (EAC) . The EAC  strives to create an economic and social union, mirroring the EU in the long term. There is progress to this objective, amongst others by creating emerging systems for  free movement of goods, capital and people. It is especially the latter field  where EAEO in interested in , and where progress is slow, due amongst others to differing  views between member states, which each face differing pressures to open labour markets  or not.

Together with FNV , DECP funds research to better establish the needs of companies and workers ; the present practices of free movement and to identify also the impediments  and barriers (work permits, residence permits, portability of social security rights, etc.) . The objective of the research is to arrive at a common position between social partners to define a list of functions for which free movement would be fully allowed , and to define recommendations for member states to act on.  The mission verified the progress of the project and advised on the way forward.