ECAM: CEO-strategy appears fruitful

ECAM: CEO-strategy appears fruitful

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The formation of a board of trustees as counterparts of cabinet ministers is a fruitful strategy that not only helps ECAM to be influential but also to recruit and retain members and thus to improve financial stability.

That was the overall conclusion of a strategy meeting in Salima, Malawi in December. At the meeting trustees and board members discussed the way they want to cooperate, who does what, and how to move forward.

Trustees and board observed that labour unions, governments and business community have become more dependant following the Covid-19-crisis. Therefor social dialogue is a keyword in the future efforts of ECAM, concluded the ECAM-governors.



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ECAM key-staff members during a work meeting. After difficult years with the formation of a board of trustees (CEO’s of leading companies) ECAM has become much stronger and financial sustainable.



Prior to the strategy session ECAM organised a members meeting on the theme: the world of work post-Covid. More than 60 members showed up.