Employers federation growing in activities

Employers federation growing in activities

Arnout de Koster Country manager View profile

The Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) looks back on a transition in management. A new executive director has taken over and starts launching new ideas and activities. During a visit of the country manager, the eagerness of the organisation to play an important role as voice of business has been noted. Membership is growing steadily and the difficulties in having quite a lot of non-paying members is being overcome steadily.

New initiatives to engage CEOs have been taken, under the format of two CEOs. One on innovation and one on the business environment. In the same area, the new Business Agenda with concrete proposals for an improvement in the business environment, has been finalised and will be launched soon.

The federation is also strongly engaged in revitalizing the social dialogue: a common position has bene reached with the trade union on the minimum wage. On this issue, a private bill to revise the system is in discussion in the Parliament, and may end up being voted soon. It provides for a sectoral level based minimum wage system. FUE was an active player in the discussions. Also on skills, and specifically the future of technical vocational training, the social dialogue may be started again, as well as on the creation of systems of mediation to alleviate the role of labour tribunals in labour conflicts.

DECP continues its support in these various areas, as to strengthen the role of FUE in improving the business environment, to strengthen FUE membership base and to improve services and communication to members, via an ambitious plan for technical and financial support.