Employers' organisations revisited

Employers' organisations revisited

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From 24-30 March DECP’s Jan Karel Bout visited Addis Ababa. This to renew contacts with the Ethiopian Employers Federation (EEF) and to participate in a training.

Together with Arnout de Koster from ITC/ILO and Hezron Njuguna of ILO Addis Ababa 20 members and staff  of EEF were trained during a three day session on Lobbying ,

Communication with members , strategic planning , governance and services to members.

The evaluation by participants showed the training to be highly appreciated.

In a separate meeting with the board of EEF it was recommended to start working on a renewed strategic plan and to involve members at the appropriate moment in that effort. DECP as well as ILO underlined their willingness to assist in the process.

During the visit to Addis Ababa fruitful discussions have also taken place with representatives of the Chambers of Commerce , the newly founded Pubic Private Consultation Forum and the Dutch Embassy. These meetings gave useful input for DECP’s endeavours to improve and strengthen the private sector in Ethiopia.