Flying start for ECAM-CEO-platform

Flying start for ECAM-CEO-platform

Jannes van der Velde Country manager View profile

A newly formed platform of CEO’s of leading Malawian companies had a flying start in its efforts to create a better business climate. Immediately after its formation the CEO-platform was influential in limiting the economic damage as a result of measures against the coronavirus.

The ECAM-CEO-platform was formed following a new strategy for Malawi’s leading employers’ organisation that focusses on advocacy. Bringing on board business leaders to work closely with the regular board – that consists of HR-managers – should lead to ECAM having more impact in talks with government, other politicians and labour unions.

Members of the initial CEO-platform are CEO’s of TNM (the leading telecom company), MyBucks (a bank), Britam (an insurance company) and RAB (a major food manufacturer). The CEO-platform is strictly political neutral, not affiliated to any political party.


‘Once again election time in Malawi. New elections to be held on May 19th 2020 may create an opportunity for ECAM’s newly formed CEO-platform to bring forward the importance of a good business climate for society as a whole.’