Getting to know CAMFEBA

Getting to know CAMFEBA

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The DECP undertook a fact finding mission to Cambodia from 27 -30 October 2015.

The objective of the mission was to explore the possibility of the DECP working with the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA).

During the course of the four day mission the DECP held meetings with the secretariat of CAMFEBA to discuss in detail areas on which they would welcome technical support from the DECP. The mission also provided the opportunity to meet with senior government officials and the trade unions to establish the current industrial relations climate in Cambodia and the role of CAMFEBA.

It was agreed that the DECP could possibly provide support both in terms of looking in detail at the subscription formula currently applied by CAMFEBA as well as supporting recruitment and retention of its membership. The possibility of providing training in the area of Social Dialogue as well as Training of Trainers was also discussed in detail.

It was agreed that the DECP would return to Cambodia early in 2016 to discuss how the areas of agreement could be developed.