How to organise a Job Fair How to organise a Job Fair

How to organise a Job Fair

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At the request of the Union of Employers of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (UPFBiH), DECP agreed to sponsor a workshop in Sarajevo for the staff of UPFBiH and the directors of the cantonal Employment Agency about the organisation of job-fairs, based on the experience of “UWV – Banenmarkt” in the Netherlands. Two experts of UWV were invited to share their experience and knowledge about job-fairs in the Netherlands. The workshop took place in Sarajevo on Tuesday 15 February 2011. The experts of UWV were Mrs. Evelyn Ploeg, project manager Job Fairs, and Mr. Niels Lieman, marketing manager.

The workshop was highly appreciated by the participants and proved to also be an excellent opportunity to share experience and knowledge on “active labour market policy” taking into account the specificities of the political environment in BiH.