Improving communication skills

Improving communication skills

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On February 9-10  DECP  and the  Conseil National du Patronat du Togo (CNPT) had organised a workshop on communication in Lomé.

Messrs. Erik Van Vooren and Ronald Driesen had prepared a tailor-made programme in close consultation with Jacob Mondedji of CNPT.  Through a combination of presentations and practical exercises the instructors guided and trained participants in order to acquire valuable skills on how to better present their organisations via letters, public brochures, news bulletins and website articles.  Other subjects included (pro-active) communication with the media, how to make a communication plan as well as the drafting of an effective press-communiqué.

DECP and CNPT also used the occasion to look  ahead and agree on potential elements of future cooperation. Training of trainers on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) will be a first item on their common agenda. Training on modern negotiation techniques could be a second one. A workshop on “How to write a news bulletin” could well be next on the list.

DECP and CNPT will also look into the specialised issue of international standards and norms which can seriously complicate the lives of exporters in developing countries.

At the end of the mission CNPT and DECP concluded that their cooperation had gone off to a promising  start.