Introducing the Africa Strategy of VNO-NCW & MKB Nederland

Introducing the Africa Strategy of VNO-NCW & MKB Nederland

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The Africa Strategy of the Dutch Private Sector has been launched on Tuesday, November 26th. The Strategy was handed over to Prime Minister Mark Rutte by Mr. Hans de Boer, the President of VNO-NCW, during a trade mission to Nigeria. Together with NABC, NLinBusiness, PUM and FMO, DECP has contributed to the project team which drafted this document and is ready to play a role in executing it as a connector between the needs of partner organisations (employers’ organisations) and Dutch industry and knowledge institutes.

In 2017 The Netherlands took the second place of investors in Africa in a short list with France, The United States of America, The United Kingdom and China. Over a longer period of years these countries do have a tradition in investing in and cooperating with Africa.

The objective of the Africa strategy is to stimulate Dutch companies to do business with Africa. 15 countries have been selected as focus-countries. Among them no less than 5 countries DECP is cooperating with i.e. Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.

DECP supports employers’ organisations in 11 African countries by sharing experiences in the field of key issues like membership management, social dialogue, lobbying and advocacy and skills development with the aim of strengthening business climate. DECP is trusted partner of the employers’ organisations. They express the needs of their members in terms of knowledge and expertise in many fields like food processing, industrial maintenance and transportation and logistics. DECP constantly connects to Dutch companies and knowledge centres directly or through close contacts with organisations like NLinBusiness, PUM and NABC.

For further reading in Dutch and to download the full report see website VNO-NCW. Go to our rubric 'Friends'.