Kenya   Looking ahead to 2014-2017 Kenya

Kenya Looking ahead to 2014-2017 Kenya

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The DECP undertook a short mission to the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) in  Nairobi from 29-30 August 2013. The main objective of this mission was to meet with the Executive Director of the FKE Jacqueline Mugo to discuss future cooperation between the FKE and the DECP for the period 2014-2017.

During the course of 2013 Kenya has completed its national elections and has introduced a new Constitution. These major events are having a significant impact for the FKE both at a national as well as at a regional level.  One of the major challenges facing the FKE under the new Constitution is the decentralisation of employment courts from Nairobi. The setting up of some 6 new courts means that the FKE must make sure that it has a strong presence in each of these areas. This will require the FKE to undertake a major reorganisation at a regional level.

A second area where FKE and DECP may want to cooperate is a new strategic plan for FKE.

Prior to the national elections FKE had produced an FKE Manifesto that was well received both by members and by policy makers. Building upon this manifesto FKE intends to produce a new “FKE Business Agenda” for the period 2014-2016  covering four to five key policy areas and producing a detailed policy paper on each area on which they will consult their membership.

Jacqueline Mugo is also the Chairperson of the East Africa Employers Organisation (EAEO) so the mission also provided the opportunity to discuss developments and to explore what action needs to be taken to ensure that this newly formed organisation can move towards a more sustainable future.