Launch of policy book by FNPAIA Moldova Launch of policy book by FNPAIA Moldova

Launch of policy book by FNPAIA Moldova

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During a special session in Chisinau on Wednesday 24 November, chaired by its president, Mr. Alexandr Slusari, the Council of FNPAIA, the Federation of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova, approved the Policy Book. This Book contains 16 chapters with proposals and suggestions for improvement of the business of the agriculture and food processing industry in Moldova. This Policy Book will now be distributed to the government, members of parliament and other stakeholders, as well as to foreign embassies and international organisations. The launch was prepared by 11 conferences with the members of FNPAIA in the regions. This activity was supported by DECP: that’s why the country manager of DECP for Moldova, attended this event and expressed the support of DECP for this important work done by the members of FNPAIA.

At the occasion of his visit to Chisianau, Mr. Standaert also visited the president of CNPM, Mr. Cerescu, in their new premises and the consul of the Netherlands, Mr. Robert de Groof.