Malawi: launch business agenda marks success of new strategy

Malawi: launch business agenda marks success of new strategy

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The successful launch of a new business agenda by Employers’ Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) marks the success of a new strategy based on the involvement of CEO’s. ECAM installed a so called ‘board of trustees’ in 2020 in an effort to create more impact. This board consists of 5 business leaders, CEO’s from leading Malawian companies.

The idea that government leaders exclusively like to talk to leaders from other communities seems right. The launch of the new business agenda was attended by ministers and eventually led to talks with the Malawian state president.

The business agenda titled ‘An enabling environment for the future of work’ focusses on ideas to create a better business climate and thus a better economy and better employment in Malawi.

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DECP country manager for Malawi, Jannes van der Velde was present online at the occasion of the presentation of ECAM’s business agenda, Thursday 20 May 2021. He expressed his confidence in entrepreneurs turning into employers: ‘Only when an entrepreneur starts a business he dreams about clients, products, turnover, money. When he finds that he cannot do the work on his own, will he think about employees. All of a sudden he will become an employer. Not because it was his ambition, but because it helped him to grow his company. This is where business and employment meet. If we manage to create an environment in which businesses, companies thrive they want to hire staff. Companies will create employment. The ECAM business agenda intends to shows the beginning of the path towards a fruitful business environment’.