New DECP country manager meets ATE

New DECP country manager meets ATE

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The new DECP country manager for East Africa,  Mr. A. De Koster, on August 17/18 undertook a 2 day mission to the federation of Tanzanian Employers (ATE) mainly to determine the future agenda of collaboration with DECP.

Tanzania has witnessed in recent years some fortunate developments, economically (growth 6 à 7%) and socially (important reduction of poverty). However, whilst it now surpasses some neighboring countries in GDP per capita, it still faces many challenges: it still has a long way to go to improve the business environment and it faces also important challenges in job creation and valorization of the role of the private sector. 

ATE is the most representative employers’ organisation in the country: it focuses on labour and industrial issues, with a strong reputation as service deliverer. DECP has supported ATE for already 10 years, with  remarkable results such as increased membership, and pushing for better policies to improve the business environment; indeed, with DECP support ATE defined a national agenda for improvements in the business environment with some concrete proposals in the field of skills policies, labour law, social security. DECP also helped with organisational development (membership increase, regional offices). The result shows a more mature and representative organisation, being heard more often at national level by the political authorities. 

The new  plans will build further on previous actions, and focus more strongly in profiling ATE as a representative and outcome oriented organisation, which acts as a dynamic voice of businesses and may also become more active in social dialogue.