Ongoing development and training of trainers

Ongoing development and training of trainers

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End of March,  VCCI (Vietnam) organised various activities to make a next step in further internationalisation of Vietnamese economy. To join international economy Vietnam aims to join various Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s). For this reason, among others, changes in the Labour Code are foreseen.

During a consultation of VCCI members in the Danang Region -headed by VCCI BEA Director Lan Anh and supported by DECP- members could share their opinions with VCCI and the Ministry of Social Affairs MOLISA. As Lan Anh stated; ‘2018 is the year to consult and lobby about the new law. 2019 will be the year implementation’.

Later that week in Hanoi, VWEC The Club of Trainers had a continued experiment with a new way of implementation in Vietnam supported by DECP. This means experiencing the effects of the new law by simulating Social Dialogue in role plays. In this way, participants not only gather knowledge of the new law, they get aware as well of what it requires of all stakeholders in the company. Like skills needed to smoothen the implementation and what attitude of the people involved is most effective.

For 2018, more of these activities are foreseen. So VCCI will be ready by the end of this year to take up the implementation of the new law successfully in 2019.