Promotional Conferences and Publication of Business Survey of CERM, Macedonia

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From November 25-30, CERM (Confederation of Employers of Republic of Macedonia) held 5 promotional conferences, in 5 different Macedonian cities, with the aim to promote CERM and to attract new members. Mr. Mile Boškov, President of CERM, had requested Jean-Marie Standaert of DECP to participate as resource person in these conferences.

The conferences were held the cities of Gostivar, Bitola, Strumica, Negotino and Kumanovo.

Each participant received a portfolio with the text of the new law on OSH and a copy of the questionnaire for the Business Survey 2007, to be filled in by as many (potential) members as possible.

Mr. Bošhkov presented his organisation while Jean-Marie Standaert spoke about the Role of Employers' Organisations in Transition Countries. This was followed by discussions regarding several matters e.g. the tax policy, the lack of support for SME’s, etc. Many employers present did not know each other and welcomed the opportunity to share their experiences.

The results of this questionnaire were published in a brochure and presented to the members, the Social Partners and to the Macedonian government on  a special conference held on December 20th.