Second training of trainers lobbying skills Second training of trainers lobbying skills

Second training of trainers lobbying skills

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Lobby is very important for the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and its members in the actual situation in Vietnamese economy. In the current situation of new laws being developed in the light of new Free Trade Agreements, political influence through effective Advocacy and Lobby is essential.

After the opening session last September, now the second training took place in Hanoi 27, 28 and 29 March. Besides the skilled trainers in Negotiation, Mediation and Occupational Safety and Health this training will add a 4th skill to the Club of Trainers VCCI/ Vietnamese Women Entrepreneurs Council.

The training was facilitated by Arnout de Koster and Dirk Joosse of DECP. Where the training last year September allowed the participants to improve their lobbying skills, with a mixture of advocacy, lobby theory and application in practice using several illustrative case examples, now the participants had to do the presentation and facilitation of the training themselves. This is the necessary second step before becoming a skilled trainer in lobbying skills. All trainers did a good job by varied and interactive presentations. They all showed to have prepared their contribution in a very serious way. For the two DECP trainers these participants of this first Training of Trainers in lobbying skills for VCCI/ VWEC showed well capable of  facilitating lobby trainings for VCCI departments  in the various regions of Vietnam and for their member companies.