Tanzania DECP conducts retreat of the Board of ATE

Tanzania DECP conducts retreat of the Board of ATE

Arnout de Koster Country manager View profile

DECP staff organised and facilitated a 2 day retreat for the Board of the Association of Tanzanian Enterprises (ATE) which is the main and most representative employers’ organisation of the country.

The retreat served a double objective: first, to provide some systematic training on employers’ organizations and their functioning to the newly elected members of the Board. Second, to discuss the general lines of further development of ATE.

ATE has about 6000 direct and indirect members, with a representation in all important sectors, varying from tea to mining over financial services. Up to now it is mainly dealing with advocacy and lobbying on labour issues and with offering substantial services again in the field of labour and social affairs.

The new Board critically assessed the work performed by the secretariat (composed of about 20 professionals) and expressed its general satisfaction on the progress ATE has been making in uniting,  representing and servicing employers. At the same time, it identified clearly a few major challenges ahead: increase membership and revenue of the organisation; improve branding and visibility of the organisation; expand the scope of activities and move from employers’ organisation- mainly dealing with labour issues- to a business member organization with a general agenda.

The Board will now further elaborate the strategies to be followed during the next years. It has been convened that DECP will provide further practical input and support these improvements.