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The Global Youth Employment Forum 2019 was held from 1 to 3 August 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria.

DECP asked Ms BALJINNYAM Chinzorigt (Baljaa), who is Director of Foreign Relations and Cooperation Department of DECP’s partner-organisation in Mongolia MONEF, to summarize her experiences for the DECP website. Please find her impressions below:

‘More than 200 young people from around the world from 65 countries representing tripartite (government, employers and trade union) along with social partners, academics, and staff from multilateral organizations, regional institutions, foundations, civil society attended to discuss how to ensure more and better quality jobs for young people.

Youth employment has long been at or near the top of national development agendas, and progressive guidance on how to improve young people’s transition to decent work is in high demand.

It aims to accelerate progress in fulfilling youth employment-related targets and Sustainable Development Goals. It is also a celebration of 60 years of the ILO’s presence in Africa, as well as 100 years of the ILO’s work promoting decent jobs for youth.

Around the world 255 million young people are not in employment, nor are they in education or training. These are the so-called NEETs. Young women are three times more likely to figure among that number than are young men. But, there is an overall picture which really require us to stop, to think and then to take action. Because this is a disturbing reality.

176 billion young people are working, often working extremely hard, and yet they are still living in poverty. These are the working poor, and in Africa that is the status of 60 per cent of young workers, often concentrated in conditions of informality and in the rural economy. 

With 59 million young people unemployed worldwide and 136 million in poverty, youth employment is one of the most pressing issues facing the world of work.

During the three days of discussions the youth participants aim to agree recommendations that will advance the ILO’s Resolution on The youth employment crisis: A call for action which was adopted at the International Labour Conference in June 2012. The Resolution calls for immediate, targeted and renewed action to tackle the youth employment crisis.

  • Discuss the future of work, the transition to decent work, and emerging challenges
  • Facilitate intra- and inter-generational sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • Boost decent jobs for youth, equality, and rights 
  • Accelerate progress on youth employment-related targets and youth-related Sustainable Development Goals
  • Skills Mismatch and Competency 
  • Informal to Formal Economy and youth representation and the opportunities and challenges facing young people in their search for decent work

Therefore, we're Happy that our " Bridging the Gap “DIGITAL SKILLS MATCHING – INTERNSHIP PROGRAM” between youth and employers" was selected as one of 17 initiatives at the Global Youth Employment Forum 2019 - Abuja, Nigeria among the 200 young changemakers to show how we help young people get the work they want. This project has been initiated by the Young Employers' Association of MONEF and Young Mongolian Professionals Association (YMPA) since this March, 2019. 

As a result, I'm excited to start our international cooperation with our partners from the Netherlands (DECP -Skills Gaps),  India, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Afghanistan and Nigeria as a start partnership for the goals!

Currently, we are looking to collaborate with the Employment Promotion and Youth Employment Promotion projects and programs in Mongolia’.

Ms. BALJINNYAM Chinzorigt (Baljaa)


  • Director of Foreign Relations and Cooperation Department Mongolian Employers' Federation (MONEF)


  • Chair of Young Employers Association of Mongolia (MONEF-YOUTH)
  • Chair of Young Mongolian Professionals Association (YMPA)