The VSB is moving ahead The VSB is moving ahead

The VSB is moving ahead

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Special advisor Thieu Korten of DECP paid a regular visit to DECP partner Suriname Trade and Industry Association (VSB/STIA) at the end of November/beginning of December. He combined this visit with attending the Second Regional Meeting of the employers’ organisations of the Dutch West Indies and Suriname in St. Eustatius.
DECP concluded that the performance of the VSB has improved considerably during the last 4 years, partly because of the cooperation between the VSB and DECP.  The communication with the members and other stakeholders has been improved. There is an updated and modern website, a new Magazine, an improved annual report, a regular newsletter and a very regular appearance in the press. Also the number of members has increased and the services have been expanded. Both lead to an improvement of the financial position of the VSB.
The second Regional Meeting of employers’ organisations of the West Indies was also attended by the representative of the Dutch government, Wilbert Stolte, and the Senior Specialist for Employers’ Activities of the ILO in Trinidad, Lusette Howell. In his keynote speech Wilbert Stolte gave a summary of the latest developments on the islands of St. Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire now these islands have become municipalities of the Netherlands.
Lusette Howell reported on the changes and trends of what has been happening in the region, including ILO technical support for employers’ organizations. Mrs. Howell also reported on the conclusions from the recent social dialogue meeting and the issues stemming from the Caribbean Academy for the Management of Employers’ Organizations (CAMEO) program.