Training-of-trainers in negotiation techniques

Training-of-trainers in negotiation techniques

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From 9 till 11 December 2009 trainers from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda were trained in negotiation processes and techniques. The training took place in Kampala and was hosted by the Federation of Uganda Employers FUE. The trainers were Dirk Joosse and Marjolein Otter, experts from the Dutch employers organisation AWVN, with the assistance of Jan Karel Bout from DECP. The training has the the support of the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin.

This was the second training in a range of 4 that will successively take place in each of the 4 countries. The first one was held in July in Kigali. The next trainings will be organized in July 2010 in Dar Es Salam and in November 2010 in Nairobi.

The objective of this training-of-trainers exercise is that trainers of the employers organisations will be able to give negotiation trainings themselves in the future, as a paid service to their members. This approach has two positive effects. The negotiation skills of employers will be enhanced and it provides a source of income for the employers organisations. Furthermore, the basis to provide service to the members is broadened.

The ten participants were taught theory, they participated in role plays and were trained in presentation skills. The training was considered a major success. Following the training, a regional workshop on negotiation techniques was given to the members of FUE. A total of 22 participants took part in this training and the 'trainers-in-training' from the FUE assisted in giving this workshopsupport of the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin.