Where people meet

Where people meet

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For a lot of employers’ organisations, trade unions and representatives of governments, the yearly International Labour Conference in Geneva is a place to meet others, to discuss and to get inspired. The same goes for the DECP management. The ILO Conference offers an excellent opportunity to meet with partners from all over the world.

That is why a schedule had been prepared. DECP had invited no less than 14 partners and other stakeholders to meet and discuss current developments. Of course, the major objective was to decide together how cooperation can be continued with a maximum of impact. A crucial element that has been discussed is the approach according to the Theory of Change. Objectives should be set in such a way that progress can be measured as well as results and sustainable impact. This is required by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But at the same time it is a method that DECP embraces enthusiastically because it demonstrates clear objectives, milestones and results. In both the short and the long term.

DECP has set-up a questionnaire to define the base-line as a starting point. This questionnaire consists of a lot of questions which are the guideline for the employers’ organisation as well as the DECP country manager to define clear objectives. Experiences thus far have proven that this method is very useful to unfold the current situation and strategic issues for the coming years. Capacity building and social dialogue are still the most important building blocks. This was confirmed once again in the discussions in Geneva.

The DECP management is happy to conclude that the support programme established for the period 2018-2022 is focused on the current needs of employers’ organisations. Together, we are on the right track!