Workshop in Medan Strengthening the region

Workshop in Medan Strengthening the region

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On 28 October 2015 DECP special advisor Rogier CHORUS, together with Board member Harijanto and staff members Wahyu and Butar-butar of APINDO attended the fourth workshop on supporting the APINDO regions in Medan, North Sumatra. 25 members from the Sumatra Utara province, which is well known for its enterprising population, attended this workshop. The APINDO economic roadmap 2014 – 2019 was discussed, and much attention was given to an improved co-operation between the central and regional Apindo organisations.

This should result in a more effective lobby for better regulation, less red tape and with more room for economic growth.

The workshop listed priorities set by the participants, and discussed ways to implement these priorities, both at the central and regional levels in Indonesia.

Apindo and DECP worked together in organising 6 regional workshops: apart from Medan meetings were held in Jakarta, Bandar Lampung and Semarang. Two meetings will follow this year, in Manado and Batam.