workshop on Communication workshop on Communication

workshop on Communication

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From August 30th to September 3rd 2010  DECP and the Conseil National du Patronat Burkinabé (CNPB) jointly organised 2 workshops on Communication for the benefit of the staff and members of the CNPB.  Both the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Deputy Ambassador of The Netherlands addressed the opening ceremony, thus underscoring their commitment and support for this CNPB initiative.

The “facilitators” of the workshops were Prof. ErikVan Vooren en Mr. Ronald Driessen. Their dynamic and stimulating presentations and successful attempts to engage in a dialogue with their audience, were highly appreciated.  The 40 participants were encouraged to select their priorities out of a list of various modules.  
The modules most frequently selected were: ‘How to deal with the media’; ‘How to improve your organisation’s image’; ‘Drafting a communication plan’ and ‘Lobbying the government’. 

DECP and CNPB  agreed that through these workshops a firm basis has  been  established for their future co-operation