Workshop on Doing Business and looking ahead to 2014-2017

Workshop on Doing Business and looking ahead to 2014-2017

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On 2 and 3 October 2013 DECP special advisor Rogier CHORUS gave a workshop to 15 representatives of the government, the central employers’ organisation MONEF, professional associations and enterprises on the World Bank ‘Doing Business’ report 2013 for Mongolia.

The participants actively discussed ways to improve Mongolia’s ranking based on the 11 criteria measuring the business climate, as used by the ‘Doing Business’ project.

 At the end of the workshop they made a number of suggestions for improvements  of Mongolian policies on three criteria where Mongolia’s ‘Doing Business’ score is poor: ‘obtaining construction permits’, ‘trading across borders’ and ‘getting electricity’,  these to be incorporated in MONEF’s  strategy plan.

Regarding future cooperation with DECP in 2014-2017 the priorities will be representativeness, strategy and services, and increasing individual firm and sectoral organisations’ membership, including the need to revise the fee system. A strategy and lobby/media plan has to be formulated, and the SME action plan should be part of it.