Workshop on Making and Keeping Members, held in Kutaisi, Georgia

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On August 13 and 14 a workshop on Making and Keeping Members was held for the Employers’ Association of the Imireti Region in Kutaisi. This city is the second largest Georgian city and has about 180.000 inhabitants. As the former capital of Georgia, it is today considered the capital of West-Georgia. Kutaisi is situated about 4 hours' drive from the present capital of Tbilisi.

A total of 15 representatives of 5 local organizations attended the workshop, held by the trainers Prof. Van Vooren and Mr. Van Nevel. A similar workshop was given by them in Tbilisi in February 2007 to the umbrella organization GEA, after which it was decided to also make it available to the branch organizations in the Imireti Region.

In a powerful presentation (with the help of a beamer provided by DECP), theory was combined with practical examples like for instance the Do's and Don'ts of writing a letter. There was a good dialogue and active participation by most of the trainees. In the evaluation, the trainers were evaluated between 4 and 5 (on 5). All the participants were very enthusiastic and satisfied.