Workshop success for ZFE

Workshop success for ZFE

Jannes van der Velde Country manager View profile

Over 400 participants from a membership base of 450 companies. That was the overwhelming turnout for a workshop series organised by Zambia Federation of Employers in May.

Subject of the workshop series was the new Employment Code, a new law on all aspects of employment, that recently passed Zambian parliament.

Key to the success is ZFE’s use of customer relation management system (CRM) installed with the support of ITCILO and DECP at ZFE as well as at other African partner organisations in 2014. ZFE is a front runner in the use of this database system which allows them to communicate very directly and efficiently with officials and the member companies.

The big turnout in the Copperbelt, Livingstone and Lusaka helps ZFE to meet its budget at the end of the year and proves that the federation is meeting the demands of its members.