workshops on Occupational Safety and Health

workshops on Occupational Safety and Health

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Together with the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DECP organized two workshops of 1,5 days each on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). The workshops were held in the Vietnamese cities of Quy Nhon and Can Tho.  

During the workshop introduction, Thieu Korten of DECP underlined the importance of a good OSH policy for companies. It is not just a moral duty for the employer vis-à-vis his workers, but it also yields benefits for both workers and the company. 

The OSH specialist of DECP, Theo-Jan Heesen, gave an overview of the possible safety and health hazards in a company and also discussed the subject of risk assessment. He taught the participants how to draft a risk assessment report for their company. Participants paid a visit to a wood processing company as well as to a food processing company. Here they could practice their newly learnt skills.  

The 2 sessions were attended by some 70 participants altogether and they highly appreciated the workshop.