Election time

Election time

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The portrait of Emmerson Mnangagwa is everywhere in the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe’s crowded and vibrant capital. It’s June 2018 and the successor of the long reigning Robert Mugabe wants to have a second term in office as president, this time elected by the people, not installed by the army.

 Election time in Zimbabwe, the elections will be held on the 30th of July, means lively debates and above all campaigning. Mnangagwa wins the race for most visibility, the opposition with Nelson Chasima as its champion and bright red as their preferred colour, wins the race for most sparkling and happiest.

 Mnangagwa, being the hot favourite, casts a lot of doubt within Zimbabwe and in the international scene. Will this old friend of Mugabe deliver the change that this African republic so desperately needs?

 Change is needed given the poor state of the economy, the growing poverty and the many reports about injustice. One tool to catalyse change for the better could be the National Tripartite Forum that might be (re)installed later this year. The new parliament will have to decide about a bill that will bring government, trade unions and employers together to discuss the policies that should lead to a better and wealthier Zimbabwe.

 Emcoz, Zimbabwe’s employers’ organisation -represented by CEO John Mufukare- are looking forward to the opportunity, observed DECP-advisor Jannes van der Velde during his visit. DECP and Emcoz are exploring opportunities for cooperation. The way the Zimbabwean government wants to move forward, could prove to be decisive...