An interesting internship

An interesting internship

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Competence development is one of the issues employers' organisations are dealing with. Although it is an ocean of challenges, institutions and people involved, competence development needs a lot of attention. After all, a country that teaches its children well creates a strong basis to build the future upon. 

DECP guides you through the competence development landscape following Christophe, a young student in an emerging country who interns at the employers' organisation. This story telling might be as interesting as a scientific report. Or ......... even better! 

An interesting internship.

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DECP would like to thank the following organisations for their enthusiastic encouragements:

  • VET Toolbox, Belgium
  • CINOP International, The Netherlands,
  • PiCompany, South Africa
  • NORTEC, Northern Technical College, Zambia
  • Maastricht University, The Netherlands
  • NOUR digital BOUAKLINE, Tunisia
  • YOUTHinc, Mongolia
  • Esupex, Burkina Faso
  • iCreate, Nigeria