DECP Annual Report 2019 DECP Annual Report 2019

DECP Annual Report 2019

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

Every year, DECP publishes an annual report, providing  an overview of our activities and the people we are working with. The report shows what we have achieved together by cooperating: when we all make steps forward and  walk in the right direction, we will reach the finish-line. It is our pleasure to present the digital version of the DECP Annual Report 2019. Printed hard copies are available on demand. We believe this report brings together efforts, solutions and achievements of African, Latin American and Asian employers' organisations that might provide inspiration. If the DECP team  can contribute by offering crucial building blocks, it will make us feel proud. Let's continue to shape the future together!

We invite you to sit down and read the contributions of Mondiaal FNV, the DECP Board, VET Toolbox and many other organisations.