Development of ecosystems. Better do it together

Development of ecosystems. Better do it together

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DECP strengthens employers' organisations in developing countries with the aim of contributing to improving the business climate. Social and economic aspects go hand in hand. The emphasis is increasingly shifting from the national level to sectors and value chains. By working together in clusters - when they have reached full maturity are also called ecosystems - all participants can benefit. But clusters do not come about by themselves. There must be a certain urgency. And mutual trust. DECP applies, among other things, the method of social dialogue to bring parties together.

The Netherlands has many partnerships that have already proven their value for the parties involved. To be able to share experiences, I visited Brainport Industries and Mikrocentrum. Both clear examples of organisations in which the participants work together and benefit from it. 



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Jos van Erp

Member of the DECP team