Strengthening the social dialogue. Customization per country and per sector

Strengthening the social dialogue. Customization per country and per sector

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

Every country is different. This is also true for any form of social dialogue. This is why DECP does not present a blueprint for the way in which social partners in countries and sectors should organise the social dialogue, but offers inspiration to explore the possibilities for a dialogue and to get started with it. The focus is not so much on the content, but on the organisation and strengthening of the dialogue process and the negotiating skills of the participants in that process. In the early years, DECP mainly focused on the social dialogue at national level, but in recent years the need for support focused on the dialogue at sectoral level has also increased. There are several reasons for this. The first is that the social dialogue at national level often requires deepening and concretisation at the sectoral level. Secondly, it is precisely the sectors that face major challenges, for example when it comes to increasing the sustainability of value chains and tackling risks such as child labour. Finally, a strong dialogue at sectoral level increases the legitimacy of the sector and the relevance of the sector organisation. For this reason, DECP now also focuses on advice and training aimed at sectoral consultation between trade unions and employers

An extensive very enlightening brochure has recently been published in English, French and Spanish. We would like to recommend that you take note of these insights.

English version: Reinforcement of social dialogue

French version: Renforcement du dialogue social

Spanish version: Fortalecimiento del diálogo social