Ivory Coast Fact-finding in West Africa (2)

Ivory Coast Fact-finding in West Africa (2)

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

At this moment DECP is not active in West Africa. The need to invest in the economic development of this part of Africa however is identified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This made DECP decide to undertake a fact-finding mission to several West African countries, among which Ivory Coast.

Employers’ Organisations accelerate economic growth. That is why DECP approached the CGECI (Confédération Générale des Entreprises de Côte d’Ivoire) in Abidjan. CGECI and the Dutch Embassy prepared a complete two days programme which allowed the DECP delegation not only to meet the CGECI staff, but to discuss with member organisations, trade-unions and several political decision makers as well, among whom the Minister of Employment and Social Welfare.

It became clear that all discussion partners recognize the need of improving the social dialogue and especially the impact of it on social stability and economic growth. The gap between vocational education and labour market needs should be bridged because economic growth is restricted by the lack of competencies. A well-defined strategy on these issues will be worked out by the CGECI staff to move them into the right direction.

This summer strategic decisions will be made by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by DECP on future programmes in West Africa. DECP’s support might accelerate the process of social dialogue and skills development in Ivory Coast and, probably, in other surrounding French speaking countries.