360° Master training for French speaking Africa

360° Master training for French speaking Africa

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

Together with  the ILO Training Centre, based in Turin, Italy, DECP organized a nine week Master Training on how to manage effectively employers’ organisations. The long duration covers a distance learning phase of eight weeks, and a face to face training of one week, the latter being organized in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The objective is to provide knowledge transfer and capacity building pur sang. The training is unique in that. It focuses, in a 360 degree approach, on the various tasks and roles which high level staff has to perform as leaders or leaders to be of employers’ organisations. The whole range of challenges which confront EO managers in their daily life passes in the learning schedule: Lobbying and advocacy, good governance, membership strategies and membership management, delivery of quality level and sustainable services, communication, employers’ organisations and international developments such as SDG’s (sustainable development goals) and so on.

The participants were from employers’ organisations of 16 French speaking countries ranging from  Morocco in the north, to Madagascar in the south. The programme is proud to be reaching out to the Executive Directors and their direct deputies, and indeed has in previous editions now reached out to almost every single executive director from developing countries. The study is fairly heavy and requires serious efforts. If a final test is passed successfully, the endeavours of the participants are crowned by a certificate of accomplishment of the ILO Centre.

Continuation in 2020? The constant demand of EO management to be able to participate, which confirms the reputation of the programme, and also the relative high turnover amongst high level EO staff, have been the reason for DECP to plan with ITCILO a new edition for 2020, now for English speaking management.