A Centre for Arbitration in Oruro A Centre for Arbitration in Oruro

A Centre for Arbitration in Oruro

Peter Boorsma Country manager View profile

DECP partner Camara de Comercio de Oruro in Bolivia asked DECP for support to start a centre for arbitration in the city of Oruro. The department of Oruro is one of the few departments in Bolivia which still does not have such a centre. The reason for establishing an arbitration centre is quite clear: faster, more transparent, more efficient and less expensive procedures in a case of conflicts between businesses and more expertise on business conflicts can be gathered in a centre compared to a legal court.
DECP promoted the idea of an arbitration centre in several countries and was therefore willing to support this idea. Meanwhile the Camara de Comercio has made already considerable progress with the establishment of the Arbitration and Mediation Centre. The model has been approved by the board and the name will be Centro de Arbitraje Comercial (CAC). Companies of all sectors can however address one selves to the CAC. The National Chamber of Commerce in La Paz has already promised its support. The Camara de Comercio in Oruro has organised and plans some further seminars to promote the idea of an arbitration centre amongst business in Oruro and also to increase the knowledge about arbitration amongst business people.