A network meeting for Vietnamese trainers

A network meeting for Vietnamese trainers

Dirk Joosse Special Advisor View profile

On May 23d and 24th  (Hanoi)  and  May 27th and 28th   (HCMC) two Dutch trainers from DECP/ AWVN facilitated a network meeting of the Vietnamese trainers trained by DECP to train Vietnamese employers on Negotiation Skills in Labour Relations. Due to the difficult economic situation in Vietnam activities in this field in both cities are below what was expected. Therefore much attention was paid to the marketing of the courses. Trainers proved to be very positive about the fact that  modules of the Negotiation Skills training can be used as a part to be integrated in other courses.

In both sessions a lot of attention was paid to a refreshing of knowledge and especially skills in the field of training of negotiation skills. Not all trainers feel very relaxed and confident on delivering the training. This training allowed those who feel more confident to help and coach the less secure. Building experience through training is a must to develop confidence.

In Hanoi almost all trainers trained by DEPC participated. In HCMC quite a few were missing. Nevertheless those with best abilities attended, helping to enhance skills, knowledge and experience by these trainers.

In both cities a committee was elected to take the lead in future actions. As the Chairwoman of VCCI/ VWEC  in both cities stated: now is the time for action.  All trainers agreed on networks meetings on a regular basis and a website will support the activities of the network.

It was gratifying to witness the enthusiasm of all trainers in their efforts to make the issue of training in Negotiation Skills in Labour relations a success in Vietnam.