Advisory mission to Tanzania

Advisory mission to Tanzania

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

An increase of over 12% in membership during 2010 has provided the staff at Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) with encouragement to continue to bring new members into the organisation.

In February 2011 the DECP, during the country manager’s mission to Dar es Salaam, explored a number of new ideas for attracting non members and also for keeping the current membership informed. The DECP agreed to work on a membership strategy which will set out in detail a number of ideas that have developed over the last few months and have proved to be successful in attracting new members.

During the mission also possibilities were explored with the ILO for ATE becoming involved in a project on Food Security. A report from the ILO in Geneva is awaited to see if this can become a viable initiative for ATE.

While in Dar es Salaam Mr. Andrew Moore of DECP also took the opportunity to meet with the Danish Embassy (DANIDA) to explore the possibility of it extending funding for the consultant of East African Employers Organisation (EAEO) based in Arusha. It was agreed that this could be extended for a further two months until the end of April 2011. Around that time a full time member of staff will be appointed under the TradeMark East Africa programme.