Advisory missions DECP country manager to Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania

Advisory missions DECP country manager to Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania

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Andrew Moore, the DECP country manager, travelled to Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania for advisory visits to the DECP’s  partner organisations PSF, GEA and ATE. 

The Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF) October 21-22. 
Andrew Moore had prepared a paper outlining a number of steps which could be taken in order to strengthen PSF’s operations. He discussed his suggestions with the PSF leadership, and asked them to reflect on a variety of recommendations which would, if implemented, get PSF closer to its members, improve its governance structure and its administrative base as well as its regional structure and also provide for a simplified subscription base. It was agreed to continue discussions at his next visit in December 2010. 

The Ghana Employers Association (GEA) October 24-29. 
As country manager for Ghana Andrew Moore made one of his regular advisory missions to the GEA in Accra. During the course of his mission he had a meeting with the newly appointed chairman of the GEA, Mr. Terry Darko, Managing Director of Mechanical Lloyd Co Ltd. Mr. Darko had taken over from Charles Cofie
at the AGM in September.  

The mission also included a two day visit to the GEA regional office in Kumasi which is situated some 300 kilometers from Accra. The opportunity was taken to meet with the Regional Chairman as well as with some of the members. Concern was expressed that a limited amount of communication between the GEA in 
Accra and the office in Kumasi was not helpful when it came to membership recruitment and retention and that this needed to be addressed. It was felt that the potential membership in Kumasi was considerable and needed to be developed. 

The mission also included a number of meetings with senior GEA staff to take forward some of the work under the ProInvest project. 

A meeting with the CEO of GEA on the afternoon of the last day of the mission covered a wide range of issues that had been raised during the course of the week. 

The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) October 30 – November 2. 
The work programme for the Association of Tanzania Employers for 2011 was the main item of a one day meeting in Dar es Salaam on 1 November 2010. The DECP was able to ensure that ATE set some realistic targets for 2011 and was not setting goals which could not be achieved with their current resource. The mission a
lso provided the opportunity to meet with some of the senior staff of ATE including the Executive Director as well as with other consultants working with ATE