An Action Plan for the Employers' Federation

An Action Plan for the Employers' Federation

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP) faces a number of challenges. These relate not only to their need to enhance their policy input at a national and province level but also to look in detail at their current and potential membership.

In order to address these issues the DECP together with the EFP organised a two day workshop in Dubai which was attended by fourteen members of the EFP Board together with support from some of the EFP secretariat.

The workshop provided  the opportunity for the EFP to look in detail at its current challenges and to agree on how to take the organisation forward initially in the next    twelve months but also in the longer term.

The workshop concluded with the EFP Board holding a meeting during which they agreed on an EFP Strategic Plan for 2015-16 together with an increase in subscriptions of 15% from July 2016. It was agreed that both of these proposals would be put to the EFP Annual General Meeting to be held in Karachi on 13 October.