ATE 's initiatives for 2013

ATE 's initiatives for 2013

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The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) faces a number of challenges in terms of its funding during the course of 2013. The DECP undertook a mission to Dar es Salaam to meet with the Executive Director Aggrey Mlimuka to discuss what support DECP could provide during 2013.

It was agreed that the regional office of ATE in Arusha would hold a membership event in May 2013 supported by the DECP. Some 100 invitations to this event would be sent to members and potential members and would provide ATE with the opportunity not only to talk about the benefits of ATE membership but also to consult on key policy issues.

The mission also provided the opportunity to discuss in some detail the possibility of ATE holding a national policy event during 2013on the issue of “Social Security”. ATE has for some considerable time expressed concern about the cost to employers and the poor administration of the fund. The policy event would provide the opportunity for ATE to advocate on changes that need to be made at the government level.

The DECP was advised during the course of the mission that ATE had held a very successful Employer of the Year Award in December 2012 with the guest of Honour being the President of Tanzania.