ATE's workplan for 2012 ATE's workplan for 2012

ATE's workplan for 2012

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DECP’s Country manager Andrew Moore attended a two day workshop held by the Association of Tanzanian Employers (ATE) in Dar es Salaam on 17 & 18 November 2011 in order to agree on its work plan for 2012. The workshop was held in the knowledge that major funding from DANIDA will come to an end in 2013 and that ATE will need to have in place a financial plan which will enable it to serve its membership.  DECP provided technical assistance during the course of the two days and agreed to work closely with ATE in putting together a financial strategy for the future.

The mission also provide an opportunity for DECP to work with senior ATE staff  in looking at a number of membership issues for 2012