Bangladesh   Membership survey and strategy

Bangladesh Membership survey and strategy

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The DECP undertook a two day mission to the Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF) in Dhaka. The objective of the mission was to agree on the details of a BEF Membership Survey and the recruitment of a number of potential new members.

It was agreed that the DECP would provide both technical and financial support for the six month project which would run from mid-June to mid-December 2019. The outcome of the survey would provide the BEF with the opportunity to have a much greater understanding of the needs of its current members. It would also provide the opportunity to identify potential new members.

Resulting from this project it was agreed that a BEF Membership Strategy for 2020 would be prepared and presented to the BEF Board in December 2019.

The mission provided the opportunity for the DECP to visit the Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka in order to brief them on developments with the BEF. It was agreed that the President and Secretary General of the BEF would meet with the Netherlands Ambassador to Bangladesh. It was noted that some 170 companies with connection to the Netherlands operate in Bangladesh.