Bolivia Employers develop app to fight administrative burden

Bolivia Employers develop app to fight administrative burden

Peter Boorsma Country manager View profile

The Bolivian employers’ organisation Federación de Entidades Empresarials Privadas de Cochabamba (FEPC) is developing an application for Apple and Android cell phones that contains all procedures employers have to go through. The information in the application will be actual, precise and validated by the government institution that handles the procedure. The application will contain information about procedures in the major economic regions of Bolivia.

The development of the app is a follow up of a hard copy ‘Guía de Trámites’ that was redacted by FEPC one and a half year ago. This Guía was a big success among employers but also among government officials.

As in many other countries an entrepreneur that needs a building license for example has to queue all morning. Only when he reaches the counter, the civil servant will pass him the documents that are needed to obtain a building license and how the procedure is. In this way the entrepreneur loses a lot of time and the situation also gives opportunity to so called ‘small corruption’.

The guide and the application that are now developed will give information for each procedure about what documents are required and in what time the government institute should respond. All information is checked by the relevant public institutions.

The project of the ‘procedure application’ is partly financed by DECP.