Cambodia   Developing a policy agenda

Cambodia Developing a policy agenda

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business associations (CAMFEBA) has had a difficult two years in terms of management which has meant that it has not been able to set out a strategic plan on which it can deliver.

The DECP undertook a two day mission to spend time with the secretariat to identify its priorities and to set an agenda for the rest of 2019. It was agreed that the main area of concern was that of policy and advocacy and in order to take this forward CAMFEBA would develop its own “Policy Agenda”. This document would provide a framework on which the Board can agree and the secretariat can deliver. This document would also show that CAMFEBA can be proactive rather than reactive which is the current position on key policy issues. 

Although CAMFEBA has faced a number of internal challenges this has had little impact on the retention of its membership. However it is felt that it would be timely to undertake a Membership Survey towards the end of 2019. The DECP offered its support both at a technical as well as at a financial level.

Communication with its membership was also discussed and it was agreed that the secretariat would explore the possibility of an online Newsletter which could be sent every two weeks. This newsletter would cover not only policy issues but also future training and events.