Cambodia   Exploring priorities

Cambodia Exploring priorities

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The Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) in Phnom Penh faces a number of challenges as it moves towards 2019.

The DECP undertook a two day mission to meet with board members and the newly appointed general manager and the secretariat. Resulting from the discussions one of the key areas that needed to be addressed was that of research and advocacy. Currently CAMFEBA have limited resources in this area and are looking at how this can be enhanced. A further area for development was the provision of legal services as this is seen as a key membership service and a major part of recruitment and retention.

The idea of the development of social dialogue and negotiation skills at a sectoral level was discussed and agreement was reached on undertaking a project in 2019.

As social media becomes an ever increasing tool for communication with members CAMFEBA expressed a strong interest in taking part in a workshop on this important issue.