CGECI, clear choices to improve impact

CGECI, clear choices to improve impact

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

7 and 8 November a mission took place to Ivory Coast. The management of the CGECI -Confédération Générale des Entreprises de Côte d’Ivoire- and of DECP know each other for several years. The need to identify strategic issues for cooperation and to agree upon the development of concrete programmes in the near future, has led to an intensive two-day programme in which discussions with several staff members took place. The programme was prepared and chaired by Mr Edouard LADOUYOU, who is the director of Human Resources.

 The CGECI staff counts 35-40 people. CGECI has 24 sector members, 150 direct members and 2.000 indirect members. Its members employ in total about 200.000 workers and represent 80% of fiscal income. That is why CGECI is recognized as the voice of business in Ivory Coast.

 It is clear to Mr LADOUYOU that every aspect of the employers’ organisation can be subject to improvement. But clear choices have to be made in order to focus and be successful. During the visit two programmes were designed. The first is on skills development. CGECI already has put in place a structure to bridge the gap of skills between the public system of vocational education and 13 economic sectors. Several committees have been appointed to draw up improvement plans. But additional training is needed. They have been planned for February 2019. The coordinators of at least 6 sectors will participate. At the same time, a train-the-trainer programme will be implemented. The impact of these training sessions will be evaluated mid-July.

 A second major issue for CGECI is to develop the Social Dialogue in Ivory Coast. Three workshops have been planned in 2019 focussing on the objectives and processes of Social Dialogue, negotiation skills and lobbying. Both DECP specialists, external trainers and a Dutch trade union will be involved.

 Both Mr LADOUYOU, the CGECI staff and DECP are looking forward to cooperate at a structural basis.