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Providing relevant training, workshops and courses is one of the possibilities with which employers' organisations can prove their added value to member companies. CGECI in Côte d'Ivoire has chosen to expand its training offer as part of its services. A complete portfolio has been put together. The course 'Business Intelligence and Strategy' took place from November 2-4. The DECP meets the project manager Mr. ZANA KONE.

CGECI offers training to its members. These are specific short courses that focus on topics relevant to entrepreneurs. Such as “Business Plan Development”, “Performance Management” and “Funding and Negotiation Research”. In 2020, CGECI and DECP experimented with organising webinars together. It was a test in collaboration with Prof. Dr Simon Beausaert from the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands). Based on these experiences, several webinars were organised by CGECI in 2020.

ZANA KONE: “These webinars allow us to reach members who are located far from our establishment in the economic centre of Abidjan in Ivory Coast. But we are happy that we can now also offer in-house courses again. From this experience we now have the webinar as a means of mobilising prospects for our face-to-face training sessions. What this type of approach does for us is to attract a large number of companies to participate and then convert those prospects into customers for our training sessions. Thanks to the webinar approach, we started 2021 with training seminars "

Following our seminars, still in collaboration with DECP, we have just organised a seminar on business intelligence and strategic outlook. The objective of this seminar is to allow participants to capitalise on opportunities and anticipate risks and strategic decision-making by collecting updated and reliable information on all that is necessary for the effectiveness of its tasks on behalf of its administration. We had about ten participants who greatly appreciated the content of the seminar ”.


Mr. ZANA KONE, project manager

A well-balanced range of courses is a valuable part of the service provided by employers' organisations to their members. But it's also a good way to draw the attention of potential members to the added value that a membership has to offer.

ZANA KONE: “Our training offers are greatly appreciated by our members. They recognise that we understand their business and their needs. This message also reaches potential members who may be motivated to join us. While this is an additional reason for existing members to be confirmed in their choice ”.

The management and the entire DECP team wish Mr. ZANA KONE and CGECI every success in the development of its range of services.